GWCD 2017 Dinner Host

Nate Riggs/NR Media Group

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner 2018

Save the Date: Saturday, May 19, 2018

Nate Riggs/NR Media Group


NR Media Group is a small marketing firm located in Columbus, Ohio who deals with clients who use the marketing automation software known as HubSpot.

In order to appeal to a young workforce, NR Media Group has invested money in making its office a collaborative, casual space complete with a regulation size pool table, television monitors, and a big comfy couch.

Nate Riggs, CEO & Founder of NR Media Group will be guest hosting at this event. In addition to being CEO, Nate works as a professor at Ohio University, and is the podcast host for Digital Skills Cast, a weekly podcast on sales and marketing trends in higher education.

Looking for more of a casual evening with fun games, good company, and a couple of cold ones? The NRMG menu will be just as casual as the office as we rock a "Netflix and Chill" theme with sophisticated finger foods, beers and ciders, and Cards Against Humanity.

Intrigued? Only 10 openings at our table so buy your tickets today!



Deep Fried Deviled Eggs
Goat Cheese and Marinara
Portobello Fries

Entrees (Choice Between)

Short Rib Sliders
Lobster Rolls
Sweet Potato Tacos
Buffalo Ranch Sliders


Fresh baked Sugar Cookies
Fresh baked Chocolate Chunk Cookies


Land Grant
And more...

All food brought to you by The Walrus